A goal of Benton Development Group is to reinvigorate, motivate, inspire, and propel each community in Benton County to places of continual excellence.  It was the groups belief that a process of reinvention was necessary to meet this goal. With a newly elected executive board and a fresh director, BDG is bursting with potential.  Together, with our communities, we will rise to the top because of our commitment to succeed.


Going forward BDG wants to be more visible in the communities and have an active role in each community’s success.  This is going to be done by attending City Council meetings to determine the needs of each community, speaking with business owners to see how we are able to assist their business, and by reaching out to perspective businesses looking to make Benton County their home.


As part of our reinvention process, the board also believed BDG could benefit from a new image.  We have been able to update our website to serve as a better resource for its visitors and increase the awareness of our organization.  The new site is more user-friendly and is a host of this blog, a calendar of events, community information, and BDG’s contact information.  BDG is also in the process of working with a graphic designer to create a new logo.  While those designs are not yet complete, we know the new logo will only improve BDG’s image.


My role here at BDG has started off on my exciting feet.  Within the first three weeks I have met many community leaders, spoke at several local lunch clubs, attended a number of workshops, and even had the opportunity to meet the Iowa Economic Development Authority Director, Debi Durham.  With every conversation I have had so far, I have heard nothing but enthusiasm about the direction BDG is headed.  I truly appreciate the encouraging words and look forward to working with each and every community to make Benton County a great place to live, work, shop, and play.