As we hear, over and over again, workforce continues to be a large issue looming in our local, regional and national industries. Different issues we hear come up are that applicants are not prepared for the workforce, they do not possess this necessary soft skills (communication, problem solving, reliability, etc.) to preform the necessary duties, lack of applicants for skilled positions, etc.  This is very alarming in the realm of economic development because it poses a risk to the sustainability of existing businesses.  It is also very alarming to companies looking at relocating with the concern that they may not be able to find an adequate workforce.

Benton Development Group continues to look for ways that we can play a small part in correcting these issues.  This summer, BDG had the opportunity to host 3 local students (one from each Belle Plaine, Benton Community, and Vinton-Shellsburg) for an internship.  This was an effort to connect local students to local industry while gaining the soft-skills that we hear are of primary concern.  Please take a couple of minutes and watch the video below to learn about the value the students found in the internship experience.

Perhaps a more exciting part, BDG is only one of the many organizations that have hosted or will host internships with our local students.  See the attached document below for the numbers and interests from this Fall’s Workplace Learning Connection’s interns.

Benton County Teens Explore Careers