Benton Development Group is constantly looking for new ways to serve as a resource to our local businesses and communities.  With the recent release of the Benton County Laborshed Analysis and the ever tightening labor pool, we have decided to make a change to our website.


The results of the study show that over 70% of our Laborshed area is turning to the internet to search for job openings.  We are surprised by this result, but we did want to consider a way of how we can pick up some of that traffic.  Last Thursday, during a presentation of the Laborshed data with many local leaders, BDG announced that we have added a feature to our website where all Benton County businesses have the opportunity to post their job openings.  This is a free service to all Benton County employers and each posting will expire after 30 days.  We feel that with our tight talent pool and many additional jobs being created, this is a great opportunity for BDG to assist our local businesses in finding their next employee by pushing these opportunities out on more platforms.


While we are very excited to provide this tool for our businesses, we are also excited to provide this for our local communities.  We understand that we have many commuters in our area, but we feel that if we can communicate local opportunities, we may be able to capture a part o the commuter population to work locally.


To either post a job or search for a new career, please visit our webpage at  You will find the pages to both post your openings or find local openings under the Resources tab.  If you have any trouble navigating or posting on the site, please do not hesitate to let Emily at the BDG office know.