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Benton Development Group believes cultivating pride among citizens offers communities the best chance to survive. Benton County is home to 15 growing communities where area residents take pride in their communities and welcome you visit.  For a list of Benton County Realtors click here.  To view a list of Benton County community libraries, click here.


Benton County Iowa communities include:




Mt. Auburn




Van Horne


Atkins – (pop. 1,670)


Atkins is a rapidly growing community located just west of Cedar Rapids about 15 minutes north of US Highway 30 on State Highway 279 in south eastern Benton County. Atkins boasts a thriving and diverse main street, excellent school system, local community services and close proximity to Cedar Rapids (15 minutes). New, exciting developments are always underway in Atkins. One of the unique events in this community is Watermelon Days and is held the 1st weekend in August every year.


Belle Plaine – (pop. 2,534)


Belle Plaine is Moving Towards the Future

Career, family, home…Belle Plaine offers a great place to come home to. Quiet streets with a friendly wave; a place where the neighbors know your name and shop at home where you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile. Belle Plaine is located in the furthest South West corner of Benton 20.2 miles east of Tama, 30 miles west of Cedar Rapids and 47.1 miles south of Waterloo/Cedar Falls. In the 1920’s the Lincoln Highway;- the first transcontinental roadway- brought many automobile travelers through Belle Plaine. Prestons Gas Station still stands as a museum of the Lincoln Highways days. Belle Plaine was in the world spotlight around the turn of the century, with the accidental discovery of Jumbos Well. An attempt at digging a new well erupted into an untamable geyser spewing 3,400 gallons per minute. It is remembered with an annual event every year on September 6-9 th.


Blairstown – (pop. 682)

Blairstown is located in south-central Benton County, just 20 minutes west of Cedar Rapids. We are just minutes from Hannen Lake which offers camping, fishing, swimming and picnic areas. The community center includes a public library, city hall, and enclosed gymnasium, and a meeting room with a full kitchen. Blairstown has been hosting their Sauerkraut Days celebration for more than 30 years. The celebration is held on Labor Day weekend and includes such events as a demolition derby, tractor pull, parade, carnival, softball and rolle bolle tournaments, a car show and stage show. If you are looking for a place to call home, hang your hat or raise a family, consider all we have to offer and make Blairstown your home; a short distance from the Cedar Rapids airport, Amana, and Iowa City.


Garrison – (pop. 371)

Garrison is a town where people work together for the common good of the community. It’s people who make the difference in life, it’s people who make the difference in a community, and its people who make the difference in…Garrison. In central Benton county 43 miles West of Cedar Rapids and 30 miles South of Waterloo.


Keystone – (pop. 622)


Keystone is located within 30 miles of both Cedar Rapids to the east and Waterloo to the north. Our small town values and forward planning make our town a safe and friendly place to live. Keystone is located in west-central Benton County and today are working on new housing developments for future growth.


Luzerne – (pop. 105)

Luzerne owes it parentage to the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, who desired to have their station midway between Blairstown and Belle Plaine. Luzerne is a quiet, well maintained place to call home. Our residents take pride in the quality of life rural Iowa offers. An excellent volunteer fire department, beautiful historic church and neighbors who care are among the examples that make Luzerne something special. Located in south Benton County between Belle Plaine and Blairstown about 4 miles south of Highway 30.


Mt. Auburn – (pop. 160)

Mt. Auburn is located in north-central Benton County on Highways V61 and D65. La Porte City is seven miles north-west and Vinton six miles south-east. Picturesque homes and residents who care about their neighbors are among the many home-town experiences awaiting you. Mt. Auburn takes pride in its unique identity and offers a wonderful opportunity for expansion and development of residential and business growth.


Newhall – (pop. 886)


The community of Newhall enjoys a peaceful tranquility that is often hard to find in the 21st century. Newhall will continue to grow as more families seek out excellent school systems, affordable living and safe secure neighborhoods. Located in the south-east corner of Benton County only two miles north of Highway 30 and minutes west of Cedar Rapids.


Norway – (pop. 545)


To take a look at the history of baseball in Benton County you can not beat Norway. Small town living is something to take pride in and Norway is no exception. An excellent school system, affordable housing options, local recreation and relaxation activities , hard working and sound business base and friendly home town people make this community one to call home. Frontier Cooperative Herbs, the community’s largest employer, is the anchor of industrial growth in the area. Adventures await you in Norway, Iowa…just come take a look at our community. A great place to call home, do business or just plain relax! We are In South East Benton County only 4 miles south of highway 30 on highway 201.We’ll see you there.


Shellsburg – (pop. 938)


Shellsburg – A Bridge to the Future

Shellsburg is an ideal community for people of all ages who value excellent public schools, safe neighborhoods, short commutes, affordable living costs and a lower crime rate that makes engaging in leisure time activities the relaxing and enjoyable experience they are supposed to be. Shellsburg, Iowa is located a short distance west of Cedar Rapids in east-central Benton County. Shellsburg is a unique blend of natural beauty, small-town values, and diversified shops and businesses opportunities. Shellsburg is a community of friendly neighbors and despite its size still provides its citizens with many vital services. You will find an 18 hole golf course (Wildcat) with a driving range that is enjoyable for all golfers at any skill level. Just east of town is Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area; a 410-acre lake and more than 1,500 acres of land available to visitors. Come visit our friendly community, and like others before you… you may just decide to stay.


Urbana – (pop. 1,458)


Urbana is a thriving community in the far north-east corner of Benton County and is one of Iowa’s fastest growing communities! There are several reasons to choose from if you are looking to build a home, start or relocate a business. Urbana combines a favorable location, a business ready planning philosophy and substantive development actions designed to encourage and attract growth. Our school system offers a quality, small town learning environment with a 21 st century focus and understanding. Urbana maintains a 700+ acre commercial / Industrial and Residential Park and is accessed by two interchanges to I-380. Welcome to a community that not only welcomes growth, but also has planned for it!


Van Horne – (pop. 682)


Van Horne has a strong sense of community, an excellent educational system, low crime and citizens committed to maintaining a small town life style. Located in south-central Benton County three miles North of Highway 30, just 33 miles from Cedar Rapids and 29 miles from Tama.


Vinton – (pop. 5,257)


Vinton, the county seat of Benton County, is located on Highway 218. Vinton is located 33 miles from Cedar Rapids and 38 miles from Waterloo. Though being halfway between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Vinton is a competitive, self sufficient business community focused on growth and service. While you’re in Vinton you’ll want to take in our extensive shopping district and relax over a delicious meal at one of our many fine restaurants. Enjoy a leisurely drive through town where you will find many historical sights, including beautiful homes, businesses, schools, and governmental buildings. If it’s recreation you’re looking for, go bowling, swimming or roller-skating, visit one of our many beautiful parks, join us for one of several community celebrations or take in the auto races at the Benton County Speedway. Vinton has something for children of all ages. So whether you’re contemplating a visit or planning a move, we extend a warm and sincere welcome to our city. We are proud of all our community has to offer and hope to your stay will be relaxing and enjoyable.


Walford – (pop. 1,463)


This beautiful community if located in South east Benton County and is just 10 miles to Cedar Rapids and 10 miles to the Amana’s. Walford promotes diversity in economic growth, planning and sound strategies for future community changes, a broad local business base, and an excellent quality of life.


Watkins – (pop. 118)

Watkins is a small rural Benton County community located on road W12 in the south east section of the county. Watkins residents take pride in their community and that it is reflected in the homes, businesses and church in town. A rich baseball heritage comes to life on 4 th of July and Labor Day weekends every year!

Upcoming Events

9:00 am Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Nov 11 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
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9:00 am Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Dec 9 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
When you buy locally in Urbana, IA, directly from Urbana area markets and farms, you help support your local Urbana economy. In return, you will get the freshest, best-tasting food available and help reduce the[...]
9:00 am Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Urbana Farmer’s Markets @ Urbana Community Center
Jan 13 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
When you buy locally in Urbana, IA, directly from Urbana area markets and farms, you help support your local Urbana economy. In return, you will get the freshest, best-tasting food available and help reduce the[...]