Why Iowa?

Looking to relocate?  Compare Iowa with other states in areas such as utilities pricing, corporate income tax, crime rate, and home values. We think you’ll like what you see.

The best choice to start or expand your business

When you ask a person what they think Iowa has to offer, you tend to get the same response – Corn – and it’s true, Iowa continues to be a national and global leader in agriculture. If, however, you think Iowa is all agriculture, you’re wrong.

Iowa has a vibrant, diverse economy that creates opportunities for growth. Low operational costs, a pro-business environment and an educated labor force all make Iowa the perfect choice to start and expand a business.


Available Sites and Buildings Links:

Buildings & Sites – Location One
Benton County Realtors

Area Advantages

Alliant Energy Economic Advantages

LaborShed Analysis (Nov. 2016):

Executive Summary (PDF)

County Demographics Links:

Quick Facts – US Census Bureau
Fact Finder – US Census Bureau
US Census Guide – US Census Bureau
Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP) – ISU



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