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Many Communities, One Commitment.

Benton Development Group knows the success of our service area is dependent upon the economic strength of our existing industries and communities so we work hard to provide programs and services that will benefit Benton County, Iowa.  Through our programs and services, we work to: assist existing businesses with continued success, serve as a resource to new businesses looking to locate to Benton County, and assist city governments to ensure their community is a great place to live, shop, work, and play.

Our mission is to increase the economic strength and growth of Benton County, Iowa; its communities; and its businesses.

Our services include: being an information resource center for Benton Count; assisting with Federal, State and Local grant/loan opportunities; providing small business resources and assistance; nurturing local business retention and expansion; providing technical assistance and information to local development groups; assisting communities, individuals and businesses in economic growth and vitality; and promoting Benton County, Iowa.

Benton County, Iowa was one of 14 counties created on December 21, 1837, and has grown to a current population of 26,962. Benton County is located in east-central Iowa and is home to 15 communities.

The Benton Development Group provides many services including assisting communities, individuals and businesses in economic growth and vitality. One resource that the Benton Development Group makes available is the LaborShed analysis that studies workforce characteristics in Benton County.

LaborShed Analysis

LaborShed Analysis Executive Summary (Nov. 2012)

LaborShed Report (PDF full report)

The purpose of a Laborshed analysis is to measure the availability and characteristics of workers within the region. The Laborshed data generated will aid local development officials in their facilitation of industry expansion and recruitment and their service to existing industry in the area. Detailed data describing the characteristics of the available labor force including current/desired wage rates and benefits, job qualifications and skills, age cohorts, residence/work location, employment requirements/obstacles and the distances individuals are willing to travel for employment are included in the study. Survey respondents from the Benton County Laborshed area were asked to identify the industry in which they are currently working. The largest concentration of workers are employed in the manufacturing, health care and education industries. Please click the links above to view the summary or full LaborShed reports.


Industrial Classification of the Employed in Benton County

  • Education, Healthcare, & Social Services 30.4%
  • Manufacturing 17.4%
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade 12.2%
  • Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 10.1%
  • Transportation, Communication & Utilities 9.3%
  • Construction 4.5%
  • Public Administration & Government 4.5%
  • Professional Services 4.0%
  • Agriculture, Forestry & Mining 1.2%
  • Entertainment & Recreation 0.3%

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